Trillanakis X SLIM3FREAK Flip The Switch (Original Mix) [VNB09]

This VnB exclusive release is something Heavy for your ears. These two producers are no strangers to the Trap/Hybrid game, and absolutely prove it with this track. They are 1/2 of Ghost Theory, that have a long array of tracks out! With an amazing lead in to the track to the magically designed drum racks, all the way down to the nasty drop. This tune is something you need in your arsenal. Trillanakis & Slim3freak both have a long history of music production.

Trillanakis who is classically trained in Piano, and has been a drummer for 19 yrs, certainly shows it on the lead of this track, and in the drum build. Slim3freak who has a long musical history as well, playing guitar for most of his life, certainly brings Heavy aspects to the track! These guys have a ton of released music that you can find. Definitely keep an eye out for more music from these guys!