Ragnarok V: Ragnarok and Awe 5/21/16

The time has come. Gather your courage. Gather your might. Bring to bear every ounce of fortitude you can muster. You will need it. Ragnarok is upon us. Prepare for absurdly loud world shattering EDM shows, with tons of lasers, a massive bonfire upon which to immolate our enemies, 30 person gladitorial combat, enough lasers to shoot down low flying aircraft, a shot luge manned by the hottest bartenders you've ever seen, dressed like Valkyries, and an actual battle between Thor and an Ice Giant! It all culminates at the greatest party you've ever even imagined. 

This is the party foretold of in prophecy. The party that will shake the world to its core. Come dressed for a night of battle, a night of drinking, and a night of all the debauchery Vikings are known for. 

Pre-Registration via paypal - Minimum donation of $25

$30 donation at the door.

Facebook Event Page


Alcohol and Food included.
Prepare thy livers for battle.

Foam weapons required for melee (available for $5 on site.)

Camping on site no extra, bring your bathing suits! We will be next to a lake! Swimming is at your own risk.

DJ Lineup: 

2t0ne b2b DJ Ambition (Sine Ent/Vibes not Bribes)
Proto-J (Sine Ent)
DJ Mitch Fu (Sine Ent / The Department of Dance)
DJ Matthew Dunn (Sin Ent /The Department of Dance)
Ju$trich (The Crew/Bass Mafia)
Tim VZ

6848 Almeda Genoa Rd, Houston, TX 77075-2804, United States