The Crew & FRENZI present John B [UK] | 5.7.16 | Pure Houston

Part man, part machine, part #airportninja… ALL original. DJ, producer and multiple label owner:John B is one of electronic music’s most distinctive, creative and consistent contributors. Splicing genre DNA like a modern mad scientist, touring all corners like a D&B missionary; with a sound as sharp as his wardrobe and a vision as defined as his eyeliner, he’s ensured he’s remained a relevant, in-demand and influential source for almost 20 years and has developed one of the most loyal international fanbases in the scene.



Hosted by FullEffect MC [Gritsy]

Local Support:

● Brad Slack [Tha Purrin Lion | FRENZI]

● Lucki Junglette [Bass Mafia]

● DVS-1 [Tha Purrin Lion | FRENZI]

● dj jefre [The Crew | Bass Mafia]


Pure Lounge

505 Main St.

Houston, TX 77002



No Dress Code

$10 Presale | $15 Door